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“As Erma, Katie Howe is a revelation and an undeniable scene-stealer. She just about brings the house down during her big number, “Buddie, Beware,” but she’s also fabulous when she’s just being fully present in a scene, responding and reacting to what’s happening, often in hilarious ways.” (

“mob moll Erma, played by Katie Howe was a perfect choice as a slightly tacky, va-va-voom presence. Her performance of “Buddie Beware” was her opportunity to showcase her singing talent and she took full advantage of it.” (

“Howe’s Performance during “Over the Moon” was one of the most confident and unabashed performances; she is unapologetic in her strange and expressive gestures and sounds” (

“Katie Howe brings beauty and charm, along with a gorgeous voice, to the role of Irene Molloy.”(

“If I were an audience member, just watching her from the house, she’d still jump out to me because of her energy, because of her clarity, her ability to articulate every line, because of her focus … Did I mention her energy?” Argus said. “She just sparkles. She just shines. There’s this indefinable quality that some actors have. We don’t know what it is. But Katie’s got it.” (New Orleans Award Winning Actor, Elizabeth Argus, in an article about Katie playing Sally Bowles

“Howe strikes a remarkable balance, giving Sally a whirlwind appeal that seduces everyone around her.” (

Leading lady’s star turn highlights a sizzling ‘Kiss Me, Kate’ at Tulane.” ( 2013)

As Mary, Katie Howe sings splendidly and is an extremely endearing love interest for George.” ( 2012)

The relationship between George and Mary (Katie Howe) is a highpoint of the show and provides many of its most dramatic moments. Their interactions sparkle, particularly when she is the victim of George’s two biggest emotional outbursts.”  ( 2012)

Katie Howe charmed as Betty Schaefer, the real love interest in ‘Sunset Boulevard.‘”( 2012)

Katie Howe, a compelling natural beauty, charms as Betty Schaefer, who becomes Joe’s true love. In addition to the youthful appeal she brings to the role, she and Marino share a nice chemistry that develops through the course of the story. The second act love duet, “Too Much in Love to Care” is one of the show’s brightest moments.” ( 2012)

Fans of Tulane Summer Lyric Theatre may remember when Howe as a Tulane junior stepped into the lead role in High Society just a week before it opened in 2008. Howard remembers, “She was stunning to look at, worked so hard and I couldn’t have asked for more. She’s going to have a wonderful career in the business.” ( 2011)